Quality Nishikigoi offer a call out service anywhere in the UK if you are having problems with your Koi.

A lot of the times we can help you over the phone or via email but in certain cases we really need to be there to be able to fix the problem. If you have expensive Koi or not so expensive Koi it really does not matter, we need to diagnose and fix any problems the fish may have.

We will bring all the equipment needed to diagnose any problem you may have. It is surprising what you might not think of can be causing problems. We will know how to put it right.

We have a full microscope set up and will find any parasites your fish may have while we are on site, no need to send anything away or stress your Koi even more by taking them to a dealers premises and making them worse. We will find the problem and put a stop to it. If your Koi have any type of bacterial issue, we can also easily sort this out for you.

We also offer a full weekly and monthly maintenance plan for private and commercial clients, contact us for more information.

Please note that when it comes to treating and checking your Koi, you must have your own net and your own bowl, we will not bring one of ours because of contamination.

If there is a problem with your pond set up or if you have made a mistake installing some equipment or similar, we can also help too.

If you have finished a pond and want to check everything is okay for the fish to to be introduced then we can also check all the parameters and make sure it’s a safe environment for the Koi to be added.

We also offer the same services out of the UK. Tim has recently been to Malta, Ireland and Spain to treat Koi and to give advice on pond building.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at