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JBL Full Water Test Kit – A superb Test Kit for Koi Keepers. This product is used by ourselves here at Quality Nishikigoi for water testing. We find the JBL Full Water Test Kit VERY accurate. These are the kits we use to test clients water quality too. Excellent product.

  • Simple and professional checking with 6 very precise water tests
  • Take a water sample, add right amount of test reagent, compare resulting colour on colour chart and read off values
  • With: pH test for the acidity, KH for the stability, GH for the mineral content, ammonium test for the fish’s health, nitrite test for the toxic nitrogen and phosphate test for the algae nutrient content
  • Comparator system for easy and precise reading and for taking the possible inherent water colouring into account
  • Complete, incl. weather-proof case, colour charts, glass vials, syringe, dosing spoon, comparator block and test reagents


For more information about the JBL TestLab Professional don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can advise you on the testing kits for your pond or aquarium. To browse our other water testing kits click here.

We are a fast growing business and the expansion over the last couple of years has been great. We currently have 2 facilities on the same site with a combined 20,000 gallons of sales ponds. We have a full range of dry goods which include our very own Koi Food range which we are extremely proud of, check out the reviews on the site. We are also a Evolution Aqua main dealer and we sell their entire range of products. Along with pumps, UV’s, filters and everything possible for the Koi Keeper. We also have a full range of pressure fittings in stock.

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