JBL Winter Koi Food 1.8kg

JBL Winter Koi Food 1.8kg

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  • Quick Sinking and Easy to Digest
  • NEO Index 2:1 for the Hibernation

With the right protein / fat ratio of 2:1 in accordance with the NEO INDEX, taking temperature, function, animal size and age into account. With wheat, salmon, soya, fish oil, shrimp and corn for vigorous and healthy koi.

Food size M ( 6 mm ) for fish 35-55 cm.

Sinking food pearls with 18% protein, 11% fat, 2% crude fibre and 6% crude ash.

Food pearls in resealable ( air, water and lightproof ) bag for the preservation of quality.

Feeding Recommendation: Feed once or twice a day as much as can be eaten in a few minutes. 
JBL Propond NEO Index 
The new JBL Propond food is the only physiological - nutritional concept on the market. Even if your pond fish are always hungry and greedily eat any food they can get, it is important to get to grips with the subject of the correct nutrition. Which factors are really important? It is not enough to select a food which is appropriate for the season. Proper nutrition needs to provide energy at the right time and in the right place. JBL's scientists have summarised all these factors in an index, that they named the NEO INDEX ( natural, energy-optimised nutrition). For the first time ever, JBL pond foods will give you over 100 articles which are created on the basis of the following criteria: animal size, age, function and water temperature, along with the corresponding protein / fat ratio.