2019 Autumn Harvest – Full details.

The very best time in the Koi season is upon us and as usual we will be in Japan to experience it all.

This will be Tim’s 27th Autumn Harvest trip!!

So, we fly out on the 11th of October and we will be there for 3 weeks, it’s a long trip but we have clients from all over the world joining us with our partnership with Koitrips.

We will be there for the major harvests including the Shintaro number one pond, where our clients have quite a few Koi ready to be harvested, plus the Sansai pond where again we have clients Koi waiting to come out. Along with a few more Nisai Harvests we will run up to the number one Matsunosuke Harvest, where again we have clients Koi in the main pond. We will also be doing the Matsunosuke Sansai Harvest and watching them all go into the Niigata facility before they all go down to Isawa.


The Autumn harvest is really for Koi starting at 2yrs old (Nisai) the Tosai we looked at on the Spring trip to Japan are now up to 55cms and we will see how they have all done. The 2-year-old Koi will now be 3yr old (Sansai) and of course some of last year’s Sansai will now be coming out at over 70cm!


We are one of the VERY few companies who travel to Japan without an Agent. We can go absolutely anywhere we please. We have built up very good relationships over the many years we have been visiting Japan and we do have our favorites, tried and trusted breeders which we always stick to. However, when we visit different breeders or breeders we may have not visited for a few years, we always have a look for those special Koi.


I gave up a long time ago of expecting to see the same Koi year in and year out at the breeders, it changes all the time.

Here are just a few of the breeders we will be visiting


  • Shintaro
  • Igarashi
  • Yagenji
  • Marusho (Mushigame)
  • Marusada
  • Izumiya
  • Isa
  • Dainichi
  • Marudo
  • Torazo
  • Sakai Yamamatsu
  • Matsunosuke (Isawa)
  • Ikarashi
  • Myatora
  • Yamazaki
  • Marusei
  • Hirasawa
  • Maruhiro
  • Yozaimon
  • Odakan


And MANY more.


We have our order book which is quite full this year. We have some in the book we didn’t find the previous years and hope they will show themselves this year. However, this is what our main business will be while on the trip, finding that special Koi for our clients, new and old.

If there is ANYTHING you want to see, please let me know ASAP. You can email us at info@qualitynishikigoi.com or Text/Whatsapp me on 07793819945 and we can send videos direct to your phone, if you don’t like what we have sent, we look again.

I am hoping to have a few days break half way through where no clients will be with us, so I can get looking for those special Koi if I haven’t already found them.

2-year-old Koi are now being harvested so they will be the very first picks. This is the time to find and buy the VERY best Nisai available.


We will be bringing back Koi for the shop and will post these Koi on the Website and our very busy Facebook page which is at 17,000 likes now. We do sell these Koi pretty fast. Last year I was posting pictures on the Facebook site as I left the mountains and by the time I returned to the Hotel (30 minutes) these Koi were gone.


On the trips we really do put all of our efforts into finding the very best Koi at the very best value. We will only buy what we think gives our clients the best available within budget.

We can visit up to 12 breeders in a day and as it’s the harvest season we return all the time to certain breeders depending on when they are harvesting that day. Stocks can change by the hour!!


Contact details


We will be posting live on our Facebook page throughout the day and you will see in real time what we are doing.

Tim will be doing various Vlogs this year and hopes to get a video out every other day. You can find us on Youtube if you search Showa321. Then you will get the first notifications when a video is posted.


We have around 14 clients with us over the trip so we do expect it to be very busy. If you are interested in any future trips then please check out the Koitrips website. The 2020 All Japan trip and the 2020 Autumn Harvest trip already have bookings. The 2020 Autumn harvest trip is already pretty full so please get in touch ASAP!! You can email info@koitrips.com or for American clients its usa@koitrips.com



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