Pond Building

Pond building can sometimes be a daunting thought. Quality Nishikigoi can design and build a hassle free pond of any size.
We take on around 4 pond builds per year, we will not over work ourselves which almost always causes mistakes later down the line. We build ponds all over the UK and even venture into Europe on occasion.
Our building team are in our opinion and ALL our clients the very best, as you can see from some of the testimonials which are all available for direct contact if needed.


Building a proper Koi Pond is not about digging a hole and filling it with water unfortunately, the Koi we choose to keep need a good environment to be able to thrive and fulfil potential. A Koi Pond is its very own Eco System, it’s a home for your Koi and this needs to be built with care and it needs to be built properly.


There are many factors in building a good Koi pond
Bottom Drains, How many?
Which pumps?
Return lines?
Flow Rates?
Fibreglass? Liner?

These are just a few of the factors that need to be perfect when building the system.

The experience we have in building proper Koi Ponds will take these factors away from the client.


We will build the pond from start to finish in a quick and hassle free way, from arranging waste removal to housing your Koi while the project is being completed.

Koi ponds do not have to be ‘crazy’  expensive either.  The prices we charge are very reasonable, we do not overcharge just because the word Koi Pond is mentioned. Our equipment is charged at very competitive rates when it comes to a bulk order, just like with anything. The building team we use are of great value because of their speed. A 7000 gallon pond with 2 bottom drains and 2 Nexus 210’s was build start to finish in 19 days, and that was with a few weather issues.


Quality Nishikigoi’s pond building team are extremely reliable, the experience they have means they can think and build, which when building a Koi Pond is very helpful. Often minor problems can come up on a daily basis and it will take experience to solve the issue without a problem occurring. We use our own Fibre Glasser who is insured and fully guarantees the work they do.

The client will liaise with Tim Waddington at Quality Nishikigoi and Tim will be on site at regular intervals to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.

Quality Nishikigoi also take on commercial projects. Tim has designed and project managed commercial ponds for business parks and even theme parks. The paperwork needed on site is important and this is something we can accommodate very easily.

For further information on our ponds, please visit the Clients Ponds section here and have a look at the different designs and the testimonials from our very happy clients.

Please contact us at info@qualitynishikigoi.com and we will be happy to give you a quote.