5000 gallon pond Stockport.

Check out this stunning pond.

The client did all the work himself with us supplying the equipment.

Would like to say a massive well done to the customer for doing an excellent job!

The client copied our main pond at the shop and added the exact same filtration, its a proven method so we know how well it works.


The Pond is 5000 gallons and runs on a bottom drain direct to a Nexus 320 returning via a 2″ return line.

The custom skimmer runs via a 24″ K1 Micro bead filter which will give him exceptional water quality and excellent clarity.

There are 2 EA Varipumps on the system, one 10,000L running the Nexus and a 20,000L running the Micro bead.

The UV is a EVO110 UV.

As you can see in the video we are using the Pure Gel to get the system started, this is an excellent product. Please don’t go for cheaper copies.

Please check out the video, we believe its the perfect system. We have this running at the shop so feel free to pop in and see it running.