All Japan Koi Show – 2023 – Buying Trip.

I cannot believe myself how fast the Japan trips are coming round after the years we couldn’t take trips there. It feels like a few weeks since we were in Japan, buying Koi with clients. It’s good to have the access again and we can’t wait to get back to the All Japan Koi Show.

The All Japan Koi Show is the greatest Koi Show on earth. The amount of High class Koi on show is crazy. Koi from 15cm to 110cm Koi will be there, and not just a few!

The trip was fully booked in a very short time, from the UK and the USA. I didn’t realise just how many people wanted to come to Japan again, apologies to the people we had to turn down.

After the All Japan Koi Show we will be heading up to the mountains and get back to the breeders.

We will, as always be selling Koi onnthe trip. Please make sure you are subscribed to the Telegram group. Please search for Quality Nishikigoi.

I will be on my mobile phone so please WhatsApp me 07793819945 if there is something specific.

Also my email will be working

I will be posting on our Instagram, Youtube and TikTok accounts so please make sure you follow!