All parts of the new 4000 gallons QT pond.

This is all the new 4000 gallon pond Quarantine system in one post.

Now at Quality Nishikigoi we have 8000 gallons of dedicated Quarantine ponds totally away from the retail facility. One of the best QT systems in the UK, without a doubt. We have now changed our bio-security plan and sent it off to CEFAS to update their files. We actually have 2 Quarantine facilities now because we can close the divide from our 4 x 2000 gallon systems to our brand new 4000 gallon system. If we have shipments in from different parts of Japan, we can now Quarantine in separate area’s. This is great for any Koi Dealer.

We want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has been involved on our Youtube videos, its been an amazing response from there. The sales just from these videos has been incredible. Thank you again.

We will try and come up with new informative videos for our channel and hopefully build it up. Please subscribe if you haven’t done already.


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