Another side of Quality Nishikigoi

Many people now know who Quality Nishikigoi are. We are one of the leading Koi dealer/Koi importer in the UK.

You know we visit Japan 3 times a year looking for stock for our facility in Warrington where we have 20,000 gallons of retail water space plus the full range of dry goods for all Koi keepers needs.

A section of our business that you may not know about is what else we do while in Japan.

While in Japan we have orders from clients all over the world. Individual collectors who are some of the top hobbyists around. These clients want the very best Koi available and it’s our job while in Japan to find these Koi.

Koi of all sizes depending on the time of year. We have clients who have bought Koi at Tosai and have left them to grow to ages as much as 4 years old before bringing them back home. We have sent Koi as large as 98cm to clients, so we source any Koi the client requires.

We have supplied Grand Champions, baby champions, best tategoi in Show, Mature Champions and more.

This is not a side people who visit our shop usually see. Unless they have seen the Koi just before we ship them to their destinations.

We send Koi to South Africa, Trinidad, Sweden, France, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Spain and direct ship to clients and dealers in America.

We of course also have a great client base in the UK too.

Koi of this level are hard for any Dealer to have as stock items, we are talking the very best. In Japan, we have a big selection of Koi to pick from, in the UK you may have 1 to pick from.

With the modern technology, we can send pictures and Video instantly. We can even Video Chat from Japan and show the Koi in real time at the point of actually bowling the Koi at the breeders for the very first time.

The breeders of Japan don’t all these amazing Koi that people expect them to have, finding the very best Koi takes time, but we have no restrictions in our dealings and we search and search until the client is happy with what we find, if we do not find it on one trip, we keep looking trip, after trip.

Some of the clients we deal with have been loyal clients for well over a decade and we are meeting new clients who require this service all the time. This is the point of our business, we do not deal for the day, we deal for the future, we need return business.

Nobody in the UK has been visiting Japan as long as Tim has. Over 25 years now with over 60 trips to Japan. The relationship with the Niggata breeders and Isawa Nishikigoi centre ( Matsunosuke) is excellent.

When we leave for Japan, the weeks before the trip we will publish the ways to get hold of us while in Japan. We take high quality pictures and video and we can these to you on most devices, instantly.

Here are just a small selection of some of the Koi we have supplied over the years, as you can see they are very special Koi.