Autumn buying trip 2019 – A recap!

We are approaching our third week now in Japan and I just don’t understand how fast it goes. Its strange because the time is flying but when I think back to the start of the trip it seems so long ago! We 10 clients with us the first week, then that slowly went down, then more arrived and some left…2 guys from Miami left this morning so now we are 2…then 4 more arriving from America next… Its been pretty full on.

A couple of quiet days to get a few more things done and a trip down to Isawa tomorrow to see Isawa Nishikigoi Centre, which is always great! So expect a few pictures tomorrow from there. Defiantly keep an eye on the Facebook page!

So really his is just to recap (If I can remember) what we have done so far…


Its been crazy! Also the Koi our clients left out here are all magnificent, they have done exactly what we wanted them to do in their development. We are really happy with how they have done.

These are just a small selection, This is the Koi we supply at Quality Nishikigoi, the very best available! I will post more at the end of the trip.

We have sold some amazing Koi too this trip. Its been strange when coming to sales this time. We have pretty much only been selling the high end Koi, which is great! The stock at the shop this year will be the best we have ever had in the shop, some amazing stuff which I haven’t put online at all. So hopefully…we should have a busy website!!

The Koi have been plentiful this year too, its only the last few days where some of the breeders having been running low on the stock. Some are close to selling out. I am happy we got here at the perfect time to see the Koi as they came out of the mud ponds. We have bought some great Koi.

So we have less than 2 weeks in Japan and we haven’t finished yet…

Isawa tomorrow and then more clients arriving! Its been by far our best trip, a massive thank you to ALL who have bought, and thank you to the new clients we have never dealt with before, I hope you will carry on supporting us when you see your Koi in the flesh!

We do still have Koi to find on the order list but that will happen, so people stop worrying! I think the orders have been well over 80 pieces so far with a few more to go, so thank you!

Thanks for the compliments from the clients who have been here, its been absolutely brilliant and the comments received back are always welcome! Thanks guys.

There is still time to get in touch if there is that special Koi you are looking for. Just give me a shout at or text message 07793819945

Isawa tomorrow!!


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