Autumn buying trip – 24th October

Today was a good day to find a few Koi and confirm a few Koi from yesterday. The sales have been crazy this year, so a massive thank you to all who have bought Koi so far, its really appreciated. Some unreal Koi have been bought too, probably our best year for high class Koi. Thank you. We still have a few weeks to go!

We called in at Kaneko as he had some new Nisai harvested and bought a few pieces along with clients with us. The site of them this year is superb! The Sandan Ochiba on this video is sold. Others available, just email us

Super Koi.

We also confirmed a beautiful and very high class Tancho Showa today from Marusada. This was in his Tategoi pond and a Koi he planned to grow on…until we turned up… I have known Toshikatsu for a VERY long time, so managed to twist his arm… The quality is the best. I cannot wait to see how this Koi develops.

Also confirmed a stunning Goshiki from Masaki…

Also, check out this AMAZING Sanke we saw today… wow wow…

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