Autumn buying trip – 25th October

A new, very rainy day…and a new set of clients today! We have 2 dealers over from Miami who will be looking for Koi and some more content for their Koi videos of Japan etc, this is getting really popular these days, everything seems to be happening on Youtube or similar. This will be their second trip with us this year!

Today Yagenji brought some new Nisai in and I managed to get these 2 beautiful female Shiro Utsuri, really nice examples. The patterns are great and the Sumi is coming up where it is supposed to!

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A quick stop at Torazo where I picked up this excellent female Kohaku, really like the pattern, and the quality is typical Torazo, superb.

A few days ago we also checked in on a Kohaku at Torazo which we left to grow on as an Azukari Koi. She is Sansai now and has grown 10cms!! She’s a monster! Very very pleased with how she has developed.

More Koi to come. Today was a dreadful day weather wise and also its the big show this weekend, where it always rains too! The Noyosai starts tomorrow and our clients have Koi in the show so fingers crossed for something good!

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