Autumn buying trip – November 2nd

Well just over 3 weeks now in Japan, and another week and another group of clients arriving Monday, should be pretty exciting, and very interesting! You will see why next week!

Its been a long but very good trip so far, some amazing Koi have been bought and some very happy clients. Just a couple more Koi to harvest that belong to clients and a few more to get updates on. The buying has been great and we expect to have some fantastic Koi coming into the UK, every year we try and improve. The reason we improve is due to the time spent out in Japan, selecting our own Koi. You would be surprised how many just pick from a list. We are here, seeing them in the flesh!

Today we picked out some great Koi going to America, a good mix of Koi. One which is a 82cm Hi-Utsuri from Shinoda. A special Koi!

Had a little scenic route also today, just to show you what some of the roads are like over here! Pretty scary…

The views are well worth it though!!

Then a quick call in at Marusho where we needed to check some clients Koi and also found this superb Kujaku, great pattern, great body and great quality!


Sometimes with the amount of breeders we visit its easy to miss some and we visited a breeder called Suda where I have not been in a few years. He was as nice as ever and showed us some nice Koi which were snapped up, and will be on route to America! Will make sure we remember to stop in here, its a great stop!

We also saw a snake which is always pretty cool, not poisonous so no problem!

Also this year there has been an increase in bears! They have been destroying some of the breeders auto feeders by the mud ponds! They don’t eat the fish which is a good thing!

Then a quick stop at Myatora where a few more Koi were bought then had a quick look at Shintaro fry ponds in mushigame. Some famous shots have been taken here!

We had a coffee at Yagenji and they now have Koi in their brand new Koi House! They don’t mess about.

So all in all a very productive day. Hopeing to get some of the drone footage in the next day or so.

We are collecting clients on Monday morning so will head down to Tokyo tomorrow afternoon and stay down there ready to meet them.






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