Autumn buying trip – October 22nd

Approaching half way through this buying trip to Japan now. Today we said goodbye to 5 clients who have had a great time and bought some stunning Koi as well as having perfect results with the Koi they had growing, very happy!

2 of the clients with us today had some Koi in a pond we managed to harvest in the rain this morning, weather won’t stop us seeing the Koi! A Little wet and one of the trucks we have got stuck…but nothing major!

This was a pan net harvest, the old fashioned way where the breeder drops the water level and then uses a pan net to catch the Koi. Its great. The were superb too. The Koi belonging to clients came out really well…and BIG!

I will get the video up ASAP. I am still uploading the Matsunosuke Harvest from the 19th!

A bit of a play with my new phone and a quick underwater shot at Shintaro.

After the Harvest we had lunch and then it was time to take the clients back to the station for their return to Tokyo where they will spend an evening exploring the City before they fly home tomorrow. It’s been a pleasure.

We managed to get back out and called in at Yagenji where one of the American clients bought some stunning Koi.

Also a very special Koi was bought today which we will make a separate post about…85cm Kohaku!

Tomorrow we have a few days with a small group before American clients join is later this week, so we should be posting a few more Koi. We have been selling so many this trip via Text and WhatsApp. Its been crazy!


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