Autumn Buying trip – October 23rd

Today was an amazing day in the mountains, I think it hit around 25C! Perfect!

Today we confirmed a very special Koi, Shintaro’s very best 2yr old Sanke. She is something very special and her new owner is very happy with her. She will of course stay here the next year until we see how she does in 2020. Such a special Koi and we are proud to be able to supply Koi like these.

While there we also secured these Showa from Shintaro. However since getting back to the hotel only one remains. The Tancho Showa with heavy black.

We headed down to Myatora where we picked up some beautiful Kin Ki Utsuri, they shine and will be heading back to the UK! I also got a bit carried away with a 65cm Sansai Kin Ki Utsuri, you just don’t see them that size, so beautiful.

Then a trip to see Masaki who has just brought his Sansai in and they were outstanding. A stunning Hi-Utsuri which is 70cm and a very high class Kujaku around 67cm!




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