Autumn buying trip – October 26th

Still looking and finding Koi for orders and the shop but not so easy today as it was the start of the Nogyosai Koi Show.

A beautiful 90cm Kohaku (Yes Kohaku!) Supplied by Isa Koi Farm. She was amazing.

I will get a video of some of the others done asap, in the mean time you can watch the Shintaro main pond harvest, the BIG girls by clicking here

We had a trip to Marudo because I needed some Chagoi for back at our facility, and we are never disappointed! I got some big girls!!

If you need any further info then please email

On the way to the show we called in at Miyatora and he was just bringing in some more Nisai, so we picked a beautiful bowl of Nisai Mukashi Ogons, they are so nice! Excellent quality and not a Koi we normally have in at Nisai. They are so clean and will grow big!

Then the show… A really good day!

A massive congratulations to one of our clients for taking a second for his amazing Kohaku! Our clients have done so well at the shows this year in Japan.


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