Autumn buying trip – October 27th

A good hunting day today. The American clients with us found some amazing Koi, and jumbo too! Some monsters!

We had a busy day and not much time to find much for us until I popped my head into Shintaro and had a few minutes to just study the Nisai. I have found some superb Kohaku and Showa, they are excellent.

Amazing Showa!

Brilliant koi. If you need further information please email

Also massive thanks to one of the guys here for doing something I cannot do and that’s make a video!

Massive thanks to G! If you want to see more of his amazing work check out soflaaa on Instagram!

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Nogyosai 2019.

Today we also visited the Nishikigoi Museum which always a great stop. Its great to learn the history of Koi and also to see the gardens they have there.

A few Shots of the Shintaro Nisai


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