Autumn buying trip – October 30th and 31st

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we drove down to Isawa which is around 4 hours away from Nagaoka where are based while in Japan.

We do the drive to visit one of the most famous breeders in Japan. Matsunosuke has been producing amazing Koi for a very long time. You may not even realise you have one but over 70% of all Sanke use Matsunosuke bloodline, his Koi are very good, which is why most breeders use them, all the top breeders!

So its always worth the drive down.

When we arrived Toshio Sakai took us to one of his main houses which houses the best Koi. There are so many! Its usually best just to let him get a few up and we stand and cry because we can’t afford them! Always nice to see. This one Kohaku was seen in October 2018 and a client fell in love with it, he asked me to see if she was there this year…and she was! Check out the video.

What a Koi!

When you visit here, he has thousands of Koi to look at. He took me to a pond of Nisai Shiro Utsuri, they are beautiful and it was a pond of around 45 pieces. I asked how much they were and he gave me a price to ‘Pick up’ which was expensive. He then said…”Or buy them all” and he gave me that price, I bought them all.

I didn’t get video but we also bought another pond of Nisai which are excellent and a great size. We will be doing a special offer on these when they are back in the UK!

We also bought some excellent Yamabuki Ogon which are excellent quality and the colours are so vivid!

Cannot wait to get these Koi back. We will have the best selection in the UK. Selected for our clients, by us, In Japan.

So we left Nagaoka at 9am and returned to Nagaoka at 9pm. A long day but 100% worth it.

Moving on to today!

Today we tried to get round and see some clients Koi at a few various breeders, we did most but will finish off tomorrow morning. We also called in at Marusei because he had brought in some new smaller Chagoi which we love at the shop, these things grow like crazy and have always been a top seller.

Called in at Marusho (Mushigame) to check on some Azukari and couldn’t resist taking a video of my favourite Goromo. She is 70cm now and won best Goromo at the recent Nagaoka Koi Show. What a Koi.

Then a lovely little female Tancho Kujaku, beautiful quality.

So all in all, a great 2 days where have seen some mind-blowing Koi!

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