Autumn Harvest buying trip 18th October

No harvests today which was a first this trip! However the Matsunosuke Harvest is tomorrow which should be superb as usual.

My order book probably has around 8 orders for Tancho Showas and some have been ongoing for 2 or 3 years because I haven’t been able to find ones which are of the quality I want. They are a popular variety and have been for many years so they are hard to find, even ones of lesser quality are expensive.

Today, a client from the UK who came out this trip for a Tancho Showa managed to find one…and she is a cracker! The spot is perfect, no red anywhere else and the Sumi pattern is thick.

A beautiful Tancho Showa.

A very happy customer indeed!!

We also called into a few more breeders…Marudo, Yagenji, Kaneko, Yamaju, Dainichi, Odakan, Nagashima, Marusada, Kawakami, Isa and many more!

Marudo had some great little Tancho Kohaku and Sanke with a few Showa, so we got some for the shop

Then a quick call to Yamaju who is the very best Shusui breeder in the area and got a few Nisai, we will be calling back!

So an all around great day! If you are in need of anything or want further information, get in touch