Autumn Harvest buying trip October 21st

I cannot believe how fast the time is going on this trip. Today we said goodbye to 2 clients who had a great time, and tomorrow we say goodbye to 4 clients who will be heading back to the UK. Then 2 more arrive at the end of the week!

One of the first days we didn’t really have any plans. It was kind of chilled out which is great when the rest of the time you have been going Harvest to Harvest!

Tomorrow we have 2 ponds to Harvest!

We had a quick look round Takezawa which is the home of Koi, and looked at a few of the breeders there, some nice Koi so we will go back soon.

We then had a bit of a drive out to Hosakai Koi Farm, its not a regular place we visit but always like to call in and see what they have. They are great people.

We ended buying some very nice Nisai, some larger ones, around 40cm and some superb smaller ones, probably between 25-30cm. Very nice Koi. They will great back at the shop!

We came back to check in at Masaki who has been very busy helping other breeders to harvest his own ponds! He started today and will continue over the next few days. I managed to snag a superb Goshiki and Asagi today…stunning Koi.

Then it was a trip to Marusei because we have a client looking for some bigger Koi to exhibit on his stand at at very famous event next year! Quality Nishikigoi will be designing the system too!   We will add more information ASAP! It should be amazing!

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