Autumn Harvest Koi buying trip 15th October

Well the first full day in the mountains and was a very busy day.

We did 2 Nisai Harvests, one Showa pond and one Kohaku pond.

I will post a video of the harvests shortly so keep checking back, there were some amazing Koi!

We did get chance to call in a few breeders and even bought a few very nice Koi

Video below.

2 stunning Shintaro Sanke, the quality of these Koi is excellent, so happy I snapped these up this morning, so happy with them!

Also a very beautiful Doitsu Tancho Showa from Maruhide Koi Farm! So special to find a Doitsu example.


A few of the amazing Kohaku we harvested today at Shintaro Koi farm…you cannot appreciate the quality of these Koi unless you see them in the flesh! Unbelievable !!

Some amazing stuff… What a day!!






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