Autumn Harvest trip…Thank you!


The longest and the best trip we have ever had. I would firstly like to thank all the clients who have been here in Japan with us and the clients who have bought Koi without coming over, thank you all!


A personal thanks to Brian at Fitzfishponds in the USA for extending his trip to keep me company! Brian is also where we send our American clients to for Quarantine and trans shipping. Check out the Information here on the Koitrips USA site.


It’s been a very busy trip with new clients arriving and going all the time. Running back and forth to breeders confirming Koi we saw the previous day and then making sure the clients with us were finding the correct Koi.


The breeders as always have been superb, some breeders we haven’t bought Koi from for a long time too.

This trip for the shop we have Koi coming from

  • Shintaro
  • Yagenji
  • Marusho (Mushigame)
  • Marusada
  • Matsunosuke
  • Masaki
  • Miyatora
  • Hosakai
  • Marusei
  • Maruhiro
  • Torazo
  • Maruhide
  • Yamazaki
  • and more…

We will try and get as much as we can on the website ASAP, but please come and take a look. We have some EXCELLENT koi arriving with us soon. The best selection anywhere without a doubt.

This trip was all about quality for us, and that’s what we have found and sold. Having the ability to show clients all over the world Koi that have just been harvested is so important. You are seeing these Koi the same time as the breeders are seeing them and you are getting access to the very best Koi available. You cannot beat that.

We are very hands on with the clients and they are seeing these Koi as they harvest the pond, as they put the actual Koi into the harvest pool. So, imagine seeing a hint of color appearing from the mud that you really like, then lifting that same Koi out of the mud pond and then deciding to buy it… It can’t get any better than that.


Many of our clients also had Koi that have been left in Japan to grow over the summer period and they have been hands on to bring those Koi out of the mudponds, they are harvesting their very own Koi.


All the Koi have been excellent that have been grown on and the clients are very happy with them. Many of the same clients have no bought new Koi to leave in Japan and see how they turn out next year, we cannot wait to see them next year! We have had our very best Azukari record this year, its been excellent so thanks to the breeders concerned for showing us Koi that will turn out much better!


The Autumn Harvest buying trip is mainly about 2yr old Koi and bigger. The largest Koi we have sold this trip is 85cm and we have sold a few at that size. Two very special Koi coming back to the UK. Then we have sold 2yr old Koi, 3yr old Koi, 4yr old koi too! It’s been crazy.


As I type this I am on my way to the Airport and am trying to remember what we did the first few weeks… I can’t! It seems months ago, not weeks! It’s a good job we did a daily blog while we were here so I can go back and look at what we did. I t will be good to read them again. Check out the full Blog here


We have done around 8 harvests with guests this year, visited 2 Shows, the Nagaoka Koi Show and the Nogyosai, both which have been amazing.


We have visited over 50 different breeders at least!


We have supplied Koi to 6 countries this trip which is a record for us. We have sold Koi to celebrities too! It’s been a crazy 4 weeks. 200 box crazy!


We will not return to the UK and the lists will be sent back to Japan and then the monies will be transferred and then we will get the date for the Koi to arrive at our UK facility.


We have bought some excellent Koi for the shop this trip. I think last October over 80% of the Koi we brought in were presold, but this time we have a great selection.

This is a heads up to everyone, I will be calling you ASAP!


This year not many Koi dealers actually came to Japan to buy their own Koi, especially in the North of the UK. We will have the freshest and best stock around. The varieties and the value. If you are a Koi keeper, why would you not come and take a look??

We pride ourselves on visiting Japan to hand select our Koi. This means we are buying Koi for our clients; we know what our clients want and that’s why we come here and pick them, we don’t just buy from internet lists like many do. We do not use an agent in Japan either, so we don’t need to pay anyone else. We do all the driving and speak to all the breeders ourselves. So, the quality and value of our Koi are second to none. We will have some huge Nisai, around 40-45cm available at our shop and our website for less than £300! They can only be purchased by visiting these breeders and working out deals. Wait till you see them!


By the time we get out Koi back, and quarantine them…it will be time for the All Japan Koi Show trip!! Make sure you check out the Koitrips site to see more information.


While we have been Japan, work has not stopped back in the UK. The concrete base has already been set on our new pond and will be finished very soon, making our water space even bigger. It has been a special 2019, bring on 2020!


Now it’s time for a few days with the family and then the work starts again!


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