Autumn Japan buying trip 17th October

Today was the first of Shintaro’s Sansai Harvests. These are the 3yr old Koi.

We had quite a few clients Koi in this pond, some with us and some back in the UK, but they were all awaiting the results and see what’s happened with their Koi. They were not disappointed.

The Koi were really good. They have done exactly what we had hoped when we picked these for our clients. We work to a budget and the client will give me what they want to spend and I have to find that Koi, this is a prime example of how it all works in Japan. They are fantastic.

Shintaro needs to take the credit for producing such good Koi. Todays Koi were amongst the very best Koi anywhere in the world. The quality is just unbeatable.

So the pond was harvested and the video of each Koi sent to the clients and they are over the moon. The ones here were just as happy, as they got to watch in person the Koi coming out of the mud. Its a brilliant feeling seeing your own Koi getting Harvested, it’s what it’s all about.

We have 2 clients with us who pretty much a year ago harvested a Showa nisai pond in Japan. They each bought a Showa when they were back at the Farm and set themselves a challenge for the following year to see who’s had grown the biggest! Well the results were in today and it was a very funny few minutes listening to how competitive they both were! The loser will have to buy a couple of beers this evening I think!

I caught a bit of it on Video!

One of the Showa grew 6cm and filled out and the other grew 10cm! The bigger one was actually smaller the previous year! Very good growth.

Then we had some of our clients Koi, some with us and some back at home.

A great Harvest. We have a young guy with us who is studying fish management and hopes to make a career out of it and has joined us because he wants to see a bit of the Koi industry. He got in and helped with the harvests today, and was blown away, a great sight!


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