Blanketweed solution 800Grams

Are you tired of constantly battling with blanket weed in your ornamental pond? Look no further than Evolution Aqua’s Blanketweed solution.

Blanketweed, also known as long string algae, is a common problem in ponds. It can quickly spread and make your pond look unsightly, as well as clog filters and harm your aquatic plants and fish. Many pond owners resort to using harsh chemicals to try and get rid of it, but these can be harmful to the environment and the ecosystem of your pond.

That’s where Evolution Aqua’s Blanketweed solution comes in. This 100% natural product is not only effective, but also safe for fish, plants, and wildlife. It won’t harm any beneficial bacteria or biological filters in your pond, and UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using it. This makes it an easy and convenient solution for pond owners.

The Blanketweed solution is fast acting and within days, you can see visible results. It comes in various sizes, from 400g to 4kg, so you can choose the one that best fits your pond size. The directions for use are simple – calculate your pond volume, add one scoop of powder per 400 litres of water, and sprinkle it evenly over the surface. Repeat every 14 days as needed.

One thing to note is that the addition of Blanketweed can cause your water to turn cloudy for a few days, but this is completely normal and the water will clear up. Strong surface agitation or aeration is recommended for best results, so make sure your pond has a pump, filter, or fountain to keep the water moving.

But don’t just take our word for it. As always, we recommend using our PURE bacterial range of products in conjunction with the Blanketweed solution. This will not only aid in the removal of nutrients from the water, but also help prevent future algae growth.

Say goodbye to blanket weed and hello to a beautiful, clear pond with Evolution Aqua’s Blanketweed solution. Take the safe and natural route to a cleaner and healthier pond today. You can buy the Blanketweed solution 800Grams here

Blanketweed solution 800Grams