Christmas wishes from Quality Nishikigoi

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. We have been busy with the new Koi arriving and a few pond jobs we have been finishing.

The new Koi all arrived at the start of the month have been doing brilliantly. We waited as long as we could as we were bringing in large Koi, some over 85cm so the colder the better when dealing with Koi if these sizes.

They all arrived great, was one of the fastest shipments we have ever had to, back home for 10pm!

A couple of videos from today 20/12/2018

We have been extremely happy with how these Koi have done, a few parasites but they have been excellent.

I have done a quick video of our Quarantine facility and a bit about what we do.

The Nexus systems have been working perfectly.

We have just completed this pond in South Manchester which has been a season long project! It was supposed to be finished in April this year until the owner found Badgers on the property and it took over 6 months to be able to start work on the garden and pond!!

We have had another wonderful year in 2018. 3 full trips to Japan which started last January with the All Japan Koi Show, then the Spring trip and then the amazing Autumn harvests.

We have supplied Koi all over the world to more countries than any before and the list is growing.

We are next in Japan at the end of January for the 50th All Japan Koi Show! We have a very full trip of customers and it looks like it will be a very good trip.


We would like to wish all our customers who have supported us and continue to support us a VERY merry Christmas and massive thank you’s to you all. We hope you have an excellent 2019.

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