Clients pond update. Video!

I wanted to do a video on this pond, mainly because its a beautiful pond and garden but because I wanted to show people how are go to system of a Nexus 320 via a bottom drain and a 24″ Micro K1 bead filter. This is the system we run on our main show pond at the shop and the water is the best we have ever seen, even with the stocking rate we have. People say because we are inside and not open to the elements it isn’t a far comparison. So this pond is the exact same size, the exact same filtration system, and its very much open to the elements, as the video shows.

This pond in South Manchester has amazing water, like all the ponds where we install this system on. The Koi are being fed 2-3 times daily and will be fed 365 days a year. No issues with any of the equipment from day 1 either. This is why we say its the perfect system.

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