Covering the bases – New Koi update.

Well its been 12 hours since the new Koi were released into the Quarantine Facility at Quality Nishikigoi. The first few days are always the most difficult when we are dealing with smaller Koi, they are much more work than the big Koi.

We imported 66 boxes yesterday evening and because of our packing protocol in Japan we did not lose a single Koi, they came in very well. A couple of rubbed noses and a few raised scales from shipping but nothing to worry about.

Please remember that these Koi have not been fed in Japan for many weeks, they have not been treated for parasites and have just gone 40 hours in a box from Japan.

This and the change of water and environment for me, is the most stressful thing you can put a Koi through. They are now at their most stressed so we have done our own KHV testing when the antibodies are at the height.

This is just part of what we will be doing during the Quarantine period. We have just done a test on a range of breeders and here are the results.

We are very happy to report that they were all Negative for KHV which we already knew. While in Japan at the breeders we asked to see their paperwork and test results which they were more than happy to show us.

We are looking for a single red line on each test, and they all were a single red line. This shows they have never been subjected to KHV. The Japanese breeders are using similar kits to these as part of their KHV testing, they are also recognised by many countries we ship too as an excellent method. We are not scientists or vets, we are just doing everything we can to make sure our Koi are safe for our clients.



If you would like further reading on these tests and how they work, please click here – KHV Test.

Now we ramp the heat up!! Luckily we were already at a high temp because of the recent weather and poly tunnels. Now we will stabilise at 24/25C.

The new Koi looks great and are starting to eat, here is a video showing some of the Koi after 12 hours in Quarantine.

If you would like to see our dedicated Quarantine Facility at Quality Nishikigoi I will post a video below. This is totally separate from our retail side and is fully CEFAS approved.

We will be updating on this website and our Facebook page every day with pictures and video.

We are very happy with the Koi we handpicked and selected in Japan, thank you to everyone involved.

Clients who purchased Koi while in Japan, please be a little more patient. We will let you know when the Koi can be viewed. The Quarantine facility is locked and only myself and Paul will be going in for the time being.

Thank you.

Tim and Paul.