David C – Poynton

This was an interesting build for us. The client moved into the area from Yorkshire to South Manchester. The client had some Koi and we set them up in a temporary pool. They were supposed to be in the pond for a month while the pond was built. However on closer inspection on the garden the landscapers found a Badgers set! So there was a delay of around 6 months while the relevant authorities gave the al clear.

We finally got started and the pond took around 4 weeks to complete. We did all the fitting and supplied all the equipment. It’s a stunning garden, and pond.

We used our favourite filter system on this pond which a Nexus 320 on the bottom drain and then a 24″ Micro K1 bead on a skimmer line.This is a perfect system. Water quality and clarity are second to none.

There are 2 pumps on the system, one 10,000L on the Nexus and a 12000L on the bead. 2 returns and one return via a blade. There is also a 110 Evo UV on the system and a 8.5KW Air Source Heat pump. The pond is 4000Gallons.