Day 10 in Japan – October 2018

Today was the Nagaka Koi Show, its something we do every Autumn, a great and really fun show. As I type this the clients with us are preparing for the Show party which we will be attending shortly.

A very nice 93cm Sanke took the award, she was at the show last year but didn’t look her best, this year they have really worked hard on her.

This time we arranged for Majdi who is with us on a the trip to judge, what an experience!

One of our clients 86cm Sanke…She took second best Sanke is over 75cm class.

In the same pond as above one of our clients also had a stunning 65cm Sanke. This took best Sanke in class. An amazing Koi. Look how its changed over 12 months.

So all in all it was a VERY good day for Quality Nishikgoi and our clients.


After the Show it was time for the Matsunosuke Auction. This is a great afternoon, really good fun. We just have a laugh and buy great Koi. No 1.4m value but some great koi!! Some great Koi… Look at this Sansai Sanke, 65cm! Unreal…

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