Day 11 in Japan – October 2018

Forgetting the days now… Its been a very good trip, intact possibly the best we have ever had.

It is drawing to a close now, but we are still trying our best to complete orders, with the clients we have here and Harvests etc, its a bit hectic getting round everywhere. Anyway…today we found a very special Torazo Kohaku for a client, a beautiful Nisai which will stay with Torazo a further year.

The body on this Koi is huge, already 55cm and 18 months old.

Then a quick call in at Yamazaki. We have finally bought a few pieces for the shop!!

Really pretty Koi.

Then we called into Yagenji for a quick look, you never know when they might bring in a few new Koi…

A client with us earlier in the week bought a HUGE Kohaku from there, the body is just massive! When we first saw her just after the harvest the skin was a little yellow but today its Snow White!

Then some very nice Nisai Sanke from Shintaro. We spent a good part of the morning doing a Harvest for 22 Sansai. This pond is not used all the time but Saito wanted to try and use it, and it worked out really well. This was a very old school harvest where they used pan nets and one of our clients lifted the Koi into the pool. Amazing it only took 17 minutes.


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