Day 2 – Japan Trip Autumn 2018

A very busy day today, left at 9am and for back at 6pm.

Sometimes when the breeders are this busy harvesting they are usually back in the afternoon, so we have to get everything done then.

Today we were joined (Against his will) by Kosuke Saito. The younger of the sons at Shintaro Koi Farm. While he is learning the Koi business from his father it helps for him to come out with us to go round the breeders and talking to them and also learning English from us along the way. He is pretty shy so was fun to see him gaining confidence today. He enjoyed it and we did too.

While we have a client with us at the moment, the main party come out next week so we have been filling the orders and we have got through quite a lot. I thought the 80cm Ochiba and Hi Utsuri would be tricky but in one swoop found them both.

We then went to Yozaimon and bought 2 AMAZING Doitsu Kohaku. Its hard to find good ones and female ones. These were stunning, around 52cms. Superb Koi. Email for details

Then onto Kawakami where we found some superb Nisai, some very good varieties too. Check out the Kujaku…

Then down to Torazo where we bought such a fantastic Kohaku, Maruten. 18 months old and over 55cms. A VERY special Koi.



Then we bought a superb Nisai Shiro from Yagenji, the skin…

If there are any Koi that take your interest, just send an email and we will get you the information.


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