Day 5 – Japan Autumn trip – October 2018

How fast is this trip passing? I cannot believe its already.

Orders for before the trip started are pretty much done, a couple to find over the next week but its been excellent this last 5 days. Over 40 Koi so far, really good.

So today was the last day for the client who has been with us this week, she has had an absolute blast! Now is the calm before the storm before we are joined tomorrow by another 5 guests who are in the air as I type.

First stop today was Yagenji who brought some Sansai in yesterday so went to check them out. We bought a very nice Shiro Utsuri which will be coming home (Video below) and another one which was bought today. I will post that at the end of the trip.

I also saw a superb Goshiki at Yagenji, something really nice, the quality of this is top notch, the body…I sold this within 10 seconds of sending, fastest ever I think!

Then a quick visit again to Hiroi, where I found a great Tancho Showa, she is huge for a Nisai! Amazing quality.


Then we struck very lucky at Masaki, where saw some superb Beni Kumonryu, excellent quality! The one with the red spot on its head is sold.

Then we found a ‘Grail’ Koi. Tancho Kujaku… I have had some many requests for these and this is the only one I have been able to find. Sansai, around 58/60cms.




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