Day 6 – Japan Autumn Trip – October 2018

Today we spend the morning checking over the Shintaro Nisai we harvested a few days ago. Some very high class Koi to be seen. His Kohaku this year are sublime.

This Kohaku was excellent, the skin was just perfect. Was sold straight away.

Then we sold this outstanding Sanke. The tail tube was huge, this is going to be a monster Koi that will stay in Japan.

This next one was something else, the pattern is excellent and the quality is top notch.

Then a beautiful Kindai Showa, a very good tategoi which will stay another year in Japan

Then yet another amazing Kohaku… they just kept coming…

Then a Sanke!!!

Some excellent Nisai, every year they get better and better…

Then away from Shintaro we saw a stunning Sansai Kohaku…

Something else…

Tomorrow we harvest 2 Sansai ponds, where there will be some more, very serious Koi!

We said goodbye to one guest this afternoon and said hello to 5 new guys…its going to be a busy week.





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