Day 9 – Japan Autumn trip – October 2018

Another day, another harvest.

This time a small Nisai pond which were mainly Showa. I was just expecting a normal every day Nisai pond. The pond being in Yamakoshi and not where Shintaro normally has his best Koi in Kawaguchi… So I was expecting some nice Koi bot not the quality we saw today… Unreal.

We also met up with a friend of mine and his clients from America, they were going to buy Koi at Shintaro anyway. So thought they would stop by and lend a hand. A good time had by all…


Here are some of the videos from the harvest, of the Koi!

Some superb pieces there, they are amazing when you see them in the bowl.

Here are some of the Showa we sold today


It has been a very Showa day…

Then after lunch we made a call at Dainichi and saw they were changing their shower media to a new brand, plus some new type of Hydro filter they have been testing for a lot of this year and now installing many more after seeing the results… plus new lighting.



Then a quick call in when we saw Marahiro unloading some beautiful koi

What a day…

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