December update – New Koi and New Pond

Just a quick update on the new Koi and the latest news on the pond.

The new Koi have settled in really well, treatments are almost done and soon it will be time for them to just chill out for a few weeks. Will be getting a few out this weekend and will bowl a few and post. We will be doing some really nice deals on some Matsunosuke Koi coming up!

We are just waiting on the electrics getting connected to the new pond, just the complicated bit into the main fuse board…we don’t go near that kind of thing!! Just a couple of finishing touches to the pond and we will get it filling. Not that there is a huge rush, won’t be using it properly until the Spring 2020 trip. Will try and get it up and running and some way to being mature.

As I stated in the video, over the moon with the Nexus 320’s running the quarantine systems. We had very little stock in the shop before the new Koi came in, we usually try and keep enough Koi in the systems to keep the filters at 100% but we could not this time. There were probably 4 Koi in each pond, which is not going to help in 2000 gallons. We put a huge load straight in when the new Koi arrived, fed a lot of food, which is important when the Koi arrive, then added treatments which will always put pressure on the filters. There was no need to worry…the Nexus took it all in its stride. We had a slight nitrite spike the first couple of days, which is normal because of the food. We used some  Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Gel and it came straight back down.

Anyway, enjoy the Video.

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