February Trip Update 2/2/23

It’s been a great week so far, really enjoyable even with the snow.

The guests on this trip have been an absolute pleasure to be with, I don’t think we have stopped laughing! Snowball fights…roof clearing and rugby tackles into the show. I always enjoy people making new friendships in the hobby, I know that most of the guests will all keep in touch, so good when that happens.


The guests have been busy too, getting a lot more Koi than I expected, and some high quality Koi.

Koi from Shintaro, Marudo, Marusei, Maruhiro, Otsuka, Yagenji, Dainichi, Myatora, Hiroi and so many more, its been excellent with a lot of Koi available to us.

Yesterday we checked some Azukari at Dainichi and then got called back to see some Tosai, Which we obviously bought. These will be coming back to the UK shortly and I think we will do an offer for these Koi. They are really nice Koi and will be retailing for £295.00. Just not sure how I will work it yet so keep your eyes on Youtube and the website.


We have some really nice Tosai coming in. The Hiroi Tosai we got last year and sold out super quick were reserved last year but we managed to see them on this trip and are over the moon! Tosai from Yagenji, Marudo, Shinoda, Shintaro and more, it’s an excellent selection!

The snow hasn’t really calmed down that much but it’s manageable to drive around and there hasn’t been any breeder we haven’t been able to get to.

The clients have had a wonderful time and found everything they wanted to find. Very happy.