Happy New Year from Quality Nishikigoi

Quality Nishikigoi would like to wish all our customers, old and new, a VERY happy new year.

We hope you have a fantastic 2019.

As the latest shipment from Japan finishes the Quarantine we will be ready to move these Koi as soon as we are back on Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019.

The Koi have been excellent. We have only had to treat for Skin Flukes and give them a good dose of leaving alone.

As we ship our Koi all over the world we have to do extra checks, even though we have taken the temperatures to over 23C and left them at that temp before dropping back down to 15C. We will be bringing a Vet in next week to take samples from the Koi and check for KHV. This is something we are required to do so we can export to some other countries.

Dr Stuart Becker is on the committee of the FVS (Fish Veterinary Society) and it one of the top Fish vets in the UK.

He will be testing the Koi at some stage in the next week. He will then explain what he is doing and how the tests work, for publication on our site, giving our clients total confidence in our Koi.

We are then getting ready again to head back to Japan for the 50th All Japan Koi Show. This is already looking to be an excellent occasion. This trip is fully booked up but for future trips check out Koitrips.com

As well as the All Japan Koi Show we will be visiting the mountains and seeing the breeders, plus a trip down to Matsunosuke toward the end of the trip. So please make sure you are following our Facebook page where we will be posting live pictures from the Koi Show and the breeders. We will be posting in real time so you can see it as it all happens. We will do some live video too.


We are hoping to keep growing during 2019, we are in the middle of putting a new shop side on the website, making it easier to look at the Koi, which we will try and add when we can. The problem in 2018 being that most of the Koi were sold while we are in Japan so there was never much to actually add to the website. 2019 we will try and get some up there. Selling Koi while we are in Japan is one of the biggest parts of our business now, with the modern age of technology we send instant pictures and videos of Koi direct to you, while we are actually at the breeders. So its a good way to get the exact Koi you are looking for at the budget you have. If you do have any requirements then please feel free to email us info@qualitynishikigoi.com 

We will be in Japan in January/February then we do the Spring trip at the end of March beginning of February and then of course the Autumn Harvests in October. Koitrips is getting busier and busier now and trips are coming together fast. If you want any information about Koitrips then please visit the website Koitrips.com

You will find all the trip information and contact details.

So a massive thank you again to all for your continued custom and support and we wish you all a very Happy New year and hope you will have a great 2019!!

Tim and Paul.

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