Ian K – Liverpool

Ian started this project last year and as he did most of the building work himself it has been a weekend project.
He had a pond in the garage where some of his fish were housed, the others were Koi he had bought at Quality Nishikigoi and then left until he was ready to take. That moment came about 3 weeks ago and they have settled in perfectly!
Ian decided on a 24″ K1 Micro Bead filtration system, it was between this and a Nexus 220 but space won out in the end and Ian went for the smaller filter. Ian fitted the filter and all the equipment himself and we fibre glassed the pond and of course advised Ian all the way through the project.
In only 2 weeks Ian had the Koi hand feeding, the water is excellent and the fish in great condition.

Pond Gallons – 2500
1 x Custom Bottom drain with diffuser
1 x Superfish 12000 eco plus running the filter
1 x Superfish 8000 Eco Plus running the skimmer.
1 x EVO55 UV unit
Airtech 70 Air pump

Ian is well on his way to being an excellent Koi keeper, his Koi appreciation is getting really good and the quality of the Koi he has been buying will really help him learn.

Some Kind words from Ian

“My pond build commenced May2013 and was completed July 2014.
During this time I was a regular visitor at Quality Nishikigoi and found both Tim and Paul not only helpful but fully supportive of my ongoing efforts.
No question went unanswered,and although the shop is well stocked their first concern is not to sell you something but rather provide sound advice which is very rare in these money driven days.
If you need specialist suppliers ie.fibre glasses,pond window manufacturers or laminated glass etc they are only to pleased to provide guidance and help.
Of course if you do need to purchase any equipment they will go out of their way to source it for you and at a very competitive price.
I would fully recommend Quality Nishikigoi services to any hobbyist either with a pond or considering building one.
Other dealers would do well to follow their lead.”