Important update from Quality Nishikigoi

While we will stay open as long as the guidelines allow us please take into consideration some of the changes, which we have had to make in relation to the Covid 19. No matter what we have to keep checking our Koi, to make sure they are fed, and filters cleaned. Its even more important with new Koi that are in Quarantine.

We understand many of our clients need Koi foods and equipment which we are fully stocked. We also realise that people will want to pick up their Koi which again, is not a problem.

We are just asking for some common sense if possible.

  • We are open until further notice
  • If you are planning just to come up and browse the shop, please don’t. We don’t want to sound rude but it’s better to either call us if you need any advise.
  • If you are self isolating and are local in Warrington/ Manchester we can deliver food and leave it outside your house, or any other products
  • We are taking phone orders and then leaving the products on a collection table for you to collect.
  • If you want to come up to the shop and stay in the car, this is also possible. We have been cleaning the card machine after every single transaction and we can easily take contactless or over the phone.
  • If you are coming up, please be patient if others are in the shop and wait a little while if there are over 2 people with us.
  • We can send pictures of Koi direct to you if this is easier then collect when things get back to normal. This will be important on the Tosai when they are for sale.

Im sure everyone understands the changes. We are on the phone so if you want to check before you travel to make sure we have what’s needed, and also if you have any special requirements for us to do.

Thank you all, and please stay safe.

Tim and Paul.


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