Its almost time…All Japan Koi Show 2020

We have been all booked for the last month or so now. As I always say, its amazing how fast the Japan trips come around.

Next weekend will stage the amazing All Japan Koi Show, In Tokyo. The best Koi show in the world, along with the best Koi in the world on show! Its never been anything but spectacular. I know before we even fly that this year will be no different.

You can check out the 2019 show here

The trip in general is one of our shortest but very packed! This trip we pretty much concentrate on Tosai, 1yr old Koi. We will buying our shop stock for the year. Its very important for us to make sure we get the very best Tosai available. So we visit Japan and see for ourselves, not from a price list sent via email. We want to make sure we supply our clients the very best baby Koi available.

Of course there will be all sizes of Koi available and we will be bring in bigger stuff as well. We have sold a large portion of the Koi we brought back from the October so we will be looking for more but Tosai are our priority.

As always let us know if there is anything you are looking for. You can be added to the contact list if you email

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