Japan Autumn 2020

Things are pretty different this trip. The mountains are so quiet and strange. I am not used to having this much access really because so many people are usually here. I think I would prefer more people to be honest. Its always nice seeing the people from all over the world.

Quality Nishikigoi is currently the only UK Dealer in Japan for this buying trip and we are joined by 2 clients from America.

The things I have seen in Japan are really good, the breeders have still been very busy due to online sales and many have still sold out as they usually would. Some have more Koi than usual but the Koi in general are pretty much the same as they always are so no major change. Japan have taken the current situation very seriously and it really shows. We cannot go anywhere without our masks on etc, some even check the temp when going in. I think this will be the situation for a while when coming to Japan and even though getting the Visa was a stressful thing I am happy I did it.

We had a lot of orders as usual for Koi and I have managed to find a lot of them, still a long way to go and new clients contacting us all the time. It has been a little more chilled but the guys from America need all sizes of Koi and a lot of them, so that’s been priority right now. I am hoping this week I will get more Koi for the shop. I am also ordering Tosai so we have plenty of stock for the start of next season.

I will post a few of the Koi we have sold so far, a small selection and some of the Koi coming back to the shop!

So please, keep an eye here and on our Facebook page. If there is anything specific you need send me a text on WhatsApp or iMessage 07793819945


We have found some amazing Koi for us and our clients which justifies why we have to be here to see these Koi in the flesh so our clients can have full confidence!

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