Japan buying trip – 13th April 2022

Another glorious day in the mountains today. I think the weather is about to change to rain though but its been great so won’t complain.

Its been a busy couple of days, Yesterday we hit up Marudo where I got some great Koi for the shop. Some really nice Jumbo Tosai Kohaku, Sanke and Showa. We have got some really nice stuff from Marusei, Yamasan and tomorrow we are picking some really nice Nisai at Maruhiro.

We ran into a few friends today so it was nice catching up with people. It seemed a little more normal with a few people around the mountains so that was good.

I hope you all enjoyed the Dainichi video I posted last night. Some amazing Koi and the response on the Youtube channel was amazing, it went down really well.

We sold the Gin Gin Kohaku which I am over the moon about. It was the best I have ever seen in a lot of years coming to Japan. This will be going to the USA to one of Fitz Fish Ponds clients. Amazing Koi.

I will post a few of the Koi we have been buying, the Telegram group is really flying now. Hard to keep up with! Growing every day so make sure you join up! Its free and you can see the Koi we buy each day.

Telegram group