Japan buying trip – April 10th – 2022.

Its been a strange start to a buying trip as I explained in my last post.

However its so good to be back In Japan, catching up with friends and just seeing the Koi.

It seems there is always issues with buying and selling Koi. We have a great exchange rate then between Covid and the problems in Ukraine the shipping has gone up again, mainly because of airlines not being able to fly over Russia which means most have to make a stop somewhere else. Many have just stopped shipping any livestock at all. So its a problem. We can ship back to the UK but like many things now, the price has to go up.

Today we went to a number of breeders just to check stock. I did buy a few nice Koi to bring back to the shop. Some nice Nisai from Kaneko, a pond full of Tosai at yagenji which are stunning!

Worked some prices out and will be buying quite a few Sansai tomorrow and also maybe some superb Marudo Jumbo Tosai.

Its very quiet, we haven’t seen any other overseas people here so its pretty much empty. The breeders are still very busy though with every day work. They are still shipping Koi out etc. Its nice to have the mountains quiet but on the other side I do miss a lot of the people I have known for many years, chatting and catching up. I hope it gets back to normal soon.

I will keep posting anyway.

Here is the video from when I arrived. We have set up a Telegram group which already has over 100 members in 2 days. Please take a moment and join, I am sending Koi every day into the group.

I have another video posting this evening too so make sure you are subscribed to the channel.