Japan buying trip – Autumn 2022!!

Japan 2022

The time has arrived again for the next buying trip to the mountains of Japan!!

We can now freely visit Japan as we did before the Pandemic, which is great news for the hobby.

We were one of the handful of dealers who got special permission to visit Japan during the pandemic, we had to have special paperwork from Japan and the embassies which was very difficult but worth the hassle.

It’s nice to be going back since Japan opened on the 11th of October. Will be nice to see everybody again.

This will be my 30th Year visiting Japan, longer than pretty much anyone else. It still something I very much look forward to. The relationships with the breeders and the friends I have met over the years always draw me back to Japan.

This trip is going to be amazing. Along with our USA Partners at Fitz Fish Ponds who will be bringing 18 clients from America and the 8 UK clients we also have joining us… it’s going to be a very busy trip.

We have some exclusive harvests to go to and some amazing Koi to check for our clients.

If you are from the UK or USA, please get in touch if there is anything you are looking for.

The Autumn Harvests are known for selecting the VERY best Koi available for our clients. We send our Koi all over the world from our UK and USA base.

This year we have supplied the Grand Champion of the South African National Show and the Grand Champion of the Great British Koi Show.

If you are looking for that special Koi, then please make sure you follow the trip…Here is how to follow us






Daily blog

We update these all the time while we are in Japan. We also have a Telegram group where we add Koi each day.

This site will also be updated as often as possible with Koi to buy. If there are any Koi that our USA clients wish to buy, then please email us first with the ID of the Koi. info@qualitynishikigoi.com

We will then arrange the full quarantine and transport to you from our US base.

You can get hold of me direct by using my cell phone, the number is 07793819945, WhatsApp or Text message is fine, also Telegram for the high-quality video and pictures. I will be on my phone all the time if you prefer email then its info@qualitynishikigoi.com

We can find Koi to suit most budgets and depending on what you want to do with the Koi, showing etc. We can advise you on what to buy.

The experience we have in Japan is second to none and we have supplied many Grand Champions all over the world. Please get in touch if you need anything.