Japan buying trip November 2020 – 26

Its still very strange and quiet in the mountains but we are getting things done. The American clients with us are finding their Koi pretty easily and some excellent Koi.

We have got some nice Koi coming back to the shop which are really happy with. We will also be bringing some Tosai back so we will be ready for the start of the season!

This trip has really brought to our attention some wonderful varieties we dont usually bring back with us but after seeing them at a huge size we have decided to bring some back, so I give you…Red Karashigoi! These are like a cross between a Benigoi and Karachi, the scales are amazing. It kind of makes a pattern on a single coloured Koi.

We will have around 25 massive Tosai. They are already 30cm. They are totally new and will sell out very fast. They are not going to crazy prices, so really good to grow, and they will be HUGE! If you are interested please email us infor@qualitynishikigoi.com and we can make sure we have enough.

We have also bought one of the best Showa ever! Check this Koi out, and the comments on the video…its went nuts! She is a 67cm Sansai Showa from Maruhiro. A VERY special Koi that will stay in Japan a further year for growing…maybe a show. She is a special lady.

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We are here for a while longer so dont worry, we will start posting many more Koi that will be coming back to the UK!



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