Japan buying trip November 28th

Still really busy out here. Trying to get as much done as possible before its time to come home. I still have more time though. I have loads left to see, Haven’t had time to do a lot of things but after Monday it should be pretty chilled, I hope!

Some really nice Koi, and varieties coming back to the shop. Managed to pick quite a few the last 2 days so that’s good. You can see them on the pictures below. S

So we are really happy with the quality we have handpicked. Its so important to be able to see each Koi in person, and picking out of massive stocks means you get the best!

Please don’t forget to let me know about the Red Karashi, we have had a lot of interest and I just need to know if to get more to save people missing out. I might not sell them all but give me an idea thanks. Just email at info@qualitynishikigoi.com

These Koi are excellent and so good to watch grow! Check out the 95cm one below that we sold yesterday! Special!!

Would like to just end with an amazing success of one of our clients. This was bought at Jumbo Tosai back in February… Now Nisai and wow! In just 6 months!! A very happy customer!

More to come guys so stay tuned…if you didn’t see our latest Youtube video posted yesterday then check it out here

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