Japan Harvest trip – Autumn 2018


Well in less than a week we will be back in Niigata!

This will be our third trip of 2018, and we never get tired of going. Over 60 trips to Japan now and the excitement never stops!

We have a very busy trip coming up, along with Koitrips.com we have a booked-up trip… Here is a taste of some of the things we have prepared already…

  • Shintaro Number One Harvest
  • Matsunosuke Number One Harvest
  • Nagaoka Koi Show and Dinner
  • Matsunosule Auction
  • Quality Nishikigoi Azukari Dream Harvest
  • Nisai and Sansai Harvests with Shintaro Koi Farm


That’s just a few things we will be getting up to when we are in Japan.


That, along with visiting breeders every day and looking at their Koi. It is VERY full on during the Autumn Harvests, and we see everything.

We have no agents in Japan which means we have no restrictions at all. We can go and buy from anywhere, not just the same farms every day, we like to explore.

As always, we will be posting live from Japan in a few different ways. Here is how you can follow us.



Our Facebook page is very busy these days, over 14,500 followers now and growing every day. We will post as we buy and see on this page, it is the best place to see exactly what we are doing day to day… also a few evenings!


You can check the Japan pages which will be updated every day with pictures and video of the Koi we have bought and seen that day, plus video of Harvests and Koi.


You can contact us direct in Japan on whatsapp or if you have an iPhone you can message us at any time.


The number is 07793819945.


When we post pictures on our Facebook site and our website they do go very quickly at times. If there are any pictures of Koi you want to see then please get in touch. You may see something which suits you exactly on our page but it could already have been sold to clients who have indicated certain Koi for me to look for.

You are under no obligation either.



We have a large order book as always, please let us know. We will find Koi to suit your budget.


Even if there are any questions regarding Japan while we are there, just shoot us a message.


We also have an email info@qualitynishikigoi.com which is monitored all the time. Shoot us over any questions regarding Koi prices or anything you require and we will get back to you ASAP.


This time of year is for all sizes of Koi apart from Tosai, this years Koi are not available until next Spring.


Koi will be available from 18months old. These range from 30cm. Every size above those are available, all the way up to 1m and in all varieties.

Obviously, prices depend on quality, and also Koi per box.


We can visit up to 20 breeders in a single day looking for suitable Koi. We only hand pick our Koi, we do not buy from pictures or consolidated boxes. We pick each individual Koi so we know we are buying our clients the very best Koi available, and that’s what they are, the very best.


Just a selection of breeders we will visit on this trip


  • Shintaro
  • Yagenji
  • Ikarashi
  • Yamamatsu
  • Hiroi
  • Hirasawa
  • Maruhiro
  • Dainichi
  • Isawa Nishikigoi Centre
  • Torazo
  • Marusei
  • Hiroi Seiji
  • Marusada
  • Marudo
  • Kaneko
  • Maruboshi
  • Isa
  • Sekiguchi
  • Yozaimon
  • Marusho Mushigame


And more…


All these breeders will be producing their best stocks. There will be a huge choice.


So please, get in touch…info@qualitynishikigoi.com FacebookWebsite… LOADS of ways. The modern day social media makes it so easy to buy Koi direct from Japan, with smart phones able to send 4k video straight from Japan to your phone in the blink of an eye, its brilliant!


So from the 11th of October until the end of October please keep a close eye on the Facebook page and the Japan pages on the website.


It is going to be another excellent trip.




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