Japan – I have had a bit of a nightmare…

I have had a bit of a nightmare…

One of the reasons I haven’t been screaming from the rooftops about coming to Japan is because the rules and regulations on getting into the country are still VERY difficult.

Just an idea of what I have had to do…

Due to good relationships in Japan, I got the paperwork needed which includes a letter of invite…a personal guarantee from someone in Japan. A track and trace letter… A letter from the local government for them to say what we are doing, business wise is okay.

 Then I must make an appointment at the Japanese Embassy in London, this is 200 miles away from where we are based. The first time slot I could get was at 9am so I went down the day before to prepare.  I go to the Embassy… I drop off the paperwork and my passport. Then they give me a date when the Visa will be ready, if granted. So, I must make another appointment. This time the wait was 10 days from my first appointment. My visa was ready before that, but I could not get an earlier time slot to visit… So, its back down to London for the second time to pick up the actual Visa.

 The good thing about the situation is the flights now can be swapped and changed whenever you want, at no extra charge, which is good when you are working on changing situations almost daily!

 Luckily from when I did the first business Visa in November 2020, I guessed the time and got it right. I booked the flight to Japan well over a month ago. So, I have always known there was a chance, but I really didn’t fancy my chances… So now, I have the Visa in my hand! The paperwork was spot on, thanks to Shintaro Koi Farm and Kensuke Saito for all their hard work and time getting this paperwork sorted for me and my clients.

 Now I must book tests…The first time I did the business Visa, I believe only myself and one other dealer from the UK managed to get out there. They are not something you can just call and get; you need to have a good relationship with people in Japan to get the help needed. That’s why most dealers haven’t been able to go.

 I love Japan, and I love the Japanese people and culture…but…they are VERY thorough!! So even now I have the Visa, I am still unsure I will be going. There are many things that can still go wrong.


Then disaster…


I arrived at Narita airport… Took a Covid test… Went through multiple people who checked my paperwork many times, which was all perfect. The test result was far from perfect…It came up Positive!!! I was in shock… I didn’t know what was going to happen to me or anything. I was told to go to a different area and then told to wait.

I had recently had Covid but I had very mild symptoms and to get into Japan you need a PCR test which I took the day before, and passed. No problem.


Anyway… In Japan, the rules are very much the rules, there is little you can do or say. What happens is what is going to happen no matter what circumstances.


So, after a short wait I went to a quarantine area in the Airport. Then my luggage was brought to me… I was put on a bus which was just fully plastic sheeted inside! They take no chances…

Then arrived at a Quarantine Hotel which is where I have been for 7 days…

I had no symptoms at all, nothing. I knew I did not have Covid but what can you do.


So, twice a day I must check my temp and Oxygen levels and input them on a dashboard from my phone. There are no tests or anything. They just want you to see the 7 days out and leave. So, I write this with a video coming out tomorrow which I recorded last week back in the UK! So, I don’t want to make a huge deal out of this because I am here… I have been looked after very well, even though I haven’t left the room in 7 days. It’s a nice room and they bring you 3 meals a day. Also, my friend Kensuke delivered me some supplies.


I will be leaving this hotel on Saturday… back to Narita airport where I still need to clear customs. Then all being well I will be on the way up to the mountains to start the Koi buying trip! I will Vlog the journey up the mountains!!



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