Japan Koi Buying trip – April 12th – 2022

A special day today.

In November 2021 we bought 4 VERY high class Nisai from Dainichi Koi Farms. Which are to stay in Japan, so we had not seen them in the flesh. Today we checked them out and were very happy. They were very special.

So today we had a look at a few others and my word…some of the best Koi in the world. There will be a Youtube video coming later today UK time so please make sure you watch it. Just unreal.

I have been busy getting orders together and have sold some amazing Koi.

I will try and put them all on a video. The internet at the hotel is just terrible.

Yesterday we sold some MONSTERS from Marusei, check out this video

96cm Shiro Utsuri!!

I will get some more stuff on ASAP!

The Telegram group is flying now, over 160 people and we are adding Koi all the time. So make sure you get involved with that, the link is

Click here