July update from Quality Nishikigoi

With things re-opening and many going back to work things hopefully will start getting back to normality. We hope everyone has been fine during the lockdown, but we are looking forward to things getting a little bit back to normal.

Retail is opening as of today and we wish you all the very best!

We have still been crazy busy, as we have been all the way through. Now over 50 Nexus units sold in a 3-month period making many new customers in the industry. We are not alone, most other dealers who I have spoken to over the period have been pretty much the same. It looks like the pond/garden industry will continue to do good business over the next few years. I spoke to one of the major ponds and garden companies last week and they are just online. He told me they alone had sold over 17,000 pond liners in the last 3 months and doubled his workforce. He also told me between his company and other major suppliers they had sold over 50,000 liners for ponds.

While this does not have an effect on us right now, many of those small ponds that have been built will then move on up the ladder in the hobby. They will get the bug and build bigger, and better ponds. It’s very promising for an industry that hasn’t been busy the last few years.

We appreciate it has been a tough time for many people out there when it comes to their own lives, but we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over this hard period.

We have been trying our best to get as many orders out as possible and it’s great to see how good our clients have been understanding the hardships of couriers etc and getting goods from the suppliers. APC have put many restrictions on us when it comes to sending out Koi, but we are almost done.


New pond upgrades and people building new ponds and updating them have been crazy… we are in London one day a week at the moment and other parts of the country including Scotland and all in-between. We are managing but with only 2 of us and a shop to run its not been as easy as we thought!!  Phone calls are in excess of 50 a day… Crazy!


You can follow our YouTube channel to check out the latest ponds we have been involved with and updates from the shop, here are a few recent ones. I will also add the update video of the new QT pond at our facility and show you the shower we installed to test Evolution Aquas new media.









We obviously don’t know yet about Japan but the recent news from the Government is saying we can travel to Japan now so October is looking promising, but we don’t know what will happen in the time from now, to then. Japan is a HUGE part of our business so we have everything crossed we can get there and see the people who make our hobby and support them.


We hope everyone is preparing to get back to work and for those who have worked all the way through, BOOK A HOLIDAY!!


Tim and Paul.